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George Stanchev

George Stanchev is an actor. He is born on 19/06/1980. He was born in Sofia in the country Bulgaria. George Stanchev has the Bulgarian nationality.

George Stanchev

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Frogmen Operation Stormbringer
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Also starring : Bentley Mitchum, George Stanchev, John Simon Jones, Tyler Christopher, Alexander Tumbev, Asen Marinov, Atanas Srebrev, Daisy Lang, Danko Jordanov, Dimiter Kuzov, ...


Derailed (2002)
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Also starring : George Stanchev, Ivan Ivanov, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jessica Bowman, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Kristopher Van Varenberg, Laura Harring, Lucy Jenner, Simone Levin, Tomas Arana, ...


Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story

Also starring : George Stanchev, Jeff Geddis, Aaron Lohr, ...

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