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Eugene Clark

Eugene Clark is an actor. He was born Marshall Eugene Clark at Los Angeles - California, USA on October 8th 1955 and has the American nationality.

Eugene Clark

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Resurrecting The Champ
Buy Resurrecting The Champ at

Resurrecting The Champ FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : Erik (Josh Hartnett) is a young talented sport journalist who one day saves a homeless person. This vagrant proves to be Champ (Samuel L. Jackson), a boxing legend of who was thought that he had died. Erik sees his chance to write the real story about the Champ what also lead to a personal reflection on his own life.

Genre : Drama - Sport

Also starring : Alan Alda, David Paymer, Eugene Clark, Harry J. Lennix, Josh Hartnett, Kathryn Morris, Peter Coyote, Samuel L. Jackson, Teri Hatcher, Angus McNeilly, ...


Still Small Voices

Also starring : Catherine Bell, Charles Martin Smith, Deborah Glover, Eugene Clark, George Buza, Lawrence Dane, Marcia Bennett, Mark Humphrey, Alan Catlin, Araby Lockhart, ...


Trailer Park Boys: The Movie

Trailer Park Boys: The Movie FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : Ricky (Robb Wells), Julian (John Paul Tremblay) and Bubbles (Mike Smith) are arrested when they try to rob an ATM and end up in jail for 18 months. When they are released they decide to steal a large number of coins which are untraceable.

Genre : Comedy

Also starring : Cory Bowles, Eugene Clark, John Paul Tremblay, Michael Jackson, Mike Smith, Nichole Hiltz, Robb Wells, Alex Lifeson, Annemarie Cassidy, Barrie Dunn, ...


Land Of The Dead
Buy Land Of The Dead at

Land Of The Dead FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : The living dead have got the Earth definitively in their grasp and the last surviving people have withdrawn themselves in a reinforced city. Their only defense against the undead is an enormous tank, the Dead Reckoning, which is in the possession of the immensely rich Riley. The rest of the population are not that lucky and must fight daily to keep the undead outside the town walls.

Genre : Action - Horror - Thriller

Also starring : Simon Baker, John Leguizamo, Dennis Hopper, Asia Argento, Robert Joy, Eugene Clark, Joanne Boland, Tony Nappo, Jennifer Baxter, Boyd Banks, ...


Man In The Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story

Also starring : Flex Alexander, Eugene Clark, Jason Griffith, ...


Jasper Texas
Buy Jasper Texas at

Jasper Texas FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : In 1998, America is startled by the drama, which took place in Jasper, Texas. Over there, in June of that year an innocent black man was tied behind a car by three white racists and was drawn...

Genre : Drama

Also starring : Roy T. Anderson, Demore Barnes, John Bayliss, James Bearden, Samantha Bee, Addison Bell, Conrad Bergschneider, Kedar Brown, Sandra Caldwell, Marium Carvell, ...


Who Killed Atlanta's Children?
Buy Who Killed Atlanta's Children? at

Who Killed Atlanta's Children? FULL REVIEW

Also starring : Aidan Devine, Bill Duke, Bill Lake, Bill MacDonald, Clé Bennett, Eugene Clark, Gregory Hines, Jack Wallace, James Belushi, Kenneth Welsh, ...


Earthquake In New York

Earthquake In New York FULL REVIEW

Also starring : Catherine Disher, Cynthia Gibb, Dan Warry-Smith, Eugene Clark, Götz Otto, Greg Evigan, Melissa Sue Anderson, Michael Moriarty, Michael Sarrazin, Page Fletcher, ...


Down In The Delta
Buy Down In The Delta at

Down In The Delta FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : The drugs addicted Loretta Sinclair (Alfre Woodard) lives with her mother and two children in Chicago. In an attempt to cure her of her drug addiction, her mother sends her to her uncle Earl (Al Freeman Jr.), who lives in the rural Mississippi. Earl offers Loretta a job in his restaurant, and tells her about the different generations of their family.

Genre : Drama

Also starring : Alfre Woodard, Al Freeman Jr., Esther Rolle, Mary Alice, Loretta Devine, Anne-Marie Johnson, Mpho Koaho, Justin Lord, Wesley Snipes, Kulani Hassen, ...



Also starring : Greg Evigan, Eugene Clark, William Shatner, ...


Three Men And A Baby
Buy Three Men And A Baby at

Three Men And A Baby FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : Three bachelors, the architect Peter (Tom Selleck), the artist Michael (Steve Guttenberg) and actor Jack (Ted Danson), share a luxuriously apartment in Manhattan. When Jack leaves to Turkey for a job, Peter and Michael one day find a baby in front of their door. She proves to be Jack’s daughter who he doesn’t know a thing about. It is up to the three men to take care of this baby, what seems to be more difficult than they thought.

Genre : Comedy - Drama - Family

Also starring : Celeste Holm, Dave Foley, David Ferry, Derek de Lint, Eugene Clark, Jackie Richardson, Joe Lynn, Louise Vallance, Margaret Colin, Mario Joyner, ...

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