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Bart de Pauw

Bart de Pauw is an actor. He is born on 28/05/1968. He was born in Zelzate - Flanders in the country Belgium. Bart de Pauw has the Belgian nationality. He was married with , Ine. He has six children.

Bart de Pauw

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Team Spirit 2

Team Spirit 2 FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : The time doesn’t stand still, also not for the boys of 'Eendracht Vooruit'. Erik, as captain of the team, still tries to keep together the friend of group, but a new obstacle announces as more and more team-members answer the call of nature and with much enthusiasm reproduces them. Jean-Marc makes the largest contribution. His Veronique immediately delivers a triplet, and it quite a task for Jean-Marc to know which one is which.

Genre : Comedy - Drama - Romance

Also starring : Axel Daeseleire, Hilde De Baerdemaeker, Bart De Pauw, Stefan De Waele, Natalia Druyts, Geert Hunaerts, Tania Kloek, Dimitri Leue, Michael Pas, Filip Peeters, ...


Alles Moet Weg

Also starring : Stany Crets, Peter van den Begin, Bart de Pauw, ...

Team Spirit


Movie Plot : This film is about six friends with one common passion: football. Nevertheless, their lives is not only about football; they all six has got their personal problems which starts taking more place in their lives. When the historical 500th game approaches the emotions and tensions reaches fever pitch. Will they play the match or not, and will they succeed in solving their problems?

Genre : Comedy - Drama - Romance

Also starring : Axel Daeseleire, Bart De Pauw, Filip Peeters, Geert Hunaerts, Michael Pas, Peter Van den Begin, Stany Crets, Tom Van Landuyt, Vic de Wachter, Alain Van Goethem, ...

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