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Arjan Ederveen

Arjan Ederveen is an actor. He is born on 09/09/1956. He was born in Hilversum - Noord-Holland in the country Netherlands. Arjan Ederveen has the Dutch nationality.

Arjan Ederveen

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Kapitein Rob En Het Geheim Van Professor Lupardi

Also starring : Thijs Römer, Katja Schuurman, Arjan Ederveen, ...


Pluk Van De Petteflet

Pluk Van De Petteflet FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : On a beautiful day a small red tow truck comes driving underneath the gate of the Petteflet with at the wheel a little boy of about 8 years. It is Pluk and he is in search of a place to live. Dollie the dove tells him that the turret room on top of the Petteflet is empty. In the Petteflet Pluk learns to know a number of apartment-dwellers and their problems. Such as Ms Helderder and her daughter Aagje, Mr Pen of the shop underneath the apartment and father Stamper with his five sons. Pluk discovers that the Tortelgarden will be destroyed, as a result of which all houses of the animals also will disappear. Pluk considers a plan to save the Tortelgarden, but will he succeed in it?

Genre : Family

Also starring : Janieck van de Polder, Suzanne Zuiderwijk, Karin Bloemen, Chris Bolczek, John Buijsman, Arjan Ederveen, Paul Hoes, Marc-Marie Huijbregts, Dolf Jansen, Frits Lambrechts, ...


Pietje Bell 2 : De Jacht Op De Tsarenkroon

Pietje Bell 2 : De Jacht Op De Tsarenkroon FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : Pietje Bell lives all kinds of adventures. Thus a new teacher gets a large role in his life and newspaper magnate Stark has put his senses on the Russian tsar crown from the prison. Time for Pietje and his buddies of the Black Hand gang to get in action again.

Genre : Family

Also starring : Quinten Schram, Frensch de Groot, Jordy Mul, Serge Price, Nicky Burger, Katja Herbers, Rick Engelkes, Angela Groothuizen, Felix Strategier, Marjan Luif, ...


Ja Zuster, Nee Zuster
Buy Ja Zuster, Nee Zuster at

Ja Zuster, Nee Zuster FULL REVIEW

Also starring : Arjan Ederveen, Edo Brunner, Frits Lambrechts, Loes Luca, Olga Zuiderhoek, Paul de Leeuw, Paul Kooij, Tjitske Reidinga, Trudy de Jong, Waldemar Torenstra, ...


Pietje Bell


Movie Plot : Pietje Bell knows as nobody else how to raise hell in the city with his foolish adventures. That is the reason why he always reaches the front-page of the newspaper. Then the depression starts. Also father Bell gets financial difficulties. Pietje do all kinds of attempts to earn some money. He finds a job as a newspaper boy and organizes his own circus show. Unfortunately this circus goes up in smoke. He flees and accidentally comes on track of a real gang of thieves. But nobody wants to believe Pietje. There appear nasty pieces about Pietje in the newspapers. Even his best friend Sproet turns himself against him. Pietje wants to take revenge on the newspapers, which constantly hunting him. He decides to become invisibly. As from now they have to face the gang of the Black Hand.

Genre : Family

Also starring : Angela Groothuizen, Arjan Ederveen, Bert Geurkink, Bram van der Vlugt, Felix Strategier, Jack Wouterse, Jan Munter, Joop Doderer, Katja Herbers, Laus Steenbeke, ...



Also starring : Arjan Ederveen, Bram van der Vlugt, Carry Tefsen, Ineke Veenhoven, Kees Prins, Olga Zuiderhoek, Paul de Leeuw, Peer Mascini, Pleuni Touw, Porgy Franssen, ...


Everyone Wants To Help Ernst (Todos Querem Ajudar Ernst)

Also starring : Arjan Ederveen, Elio Marchi, Adrian Brine, ...


Theo En Thea En De Ontmaskering Van Het Tenenkaas Imperium

Theo En Thea En De Ontmaskering Van Het Tenenkaas Imperium FULL REVIEW

Also starring : Adele Bloemendaal, Arjan Ederveen, Kees Prins, Loes Luca, Marco Bakker, Olga Zuiderhoek, René Groothof, Tosca Niterink, Anita Heins, Beppie Melissen, ...


Still Smokin'
Buy Still Smokin' at

Also starring : Arjan Ederveen, Carol van Herwijnen, Cheech Marin, Hans Man in 't Veld, Hans van in't Veld, Kees Prins, Shireen Strooker, Tommy Chong, Carla van Amstel, Fabiola, ...



Also starring : Aat Ceelen, Arjan Ederveen, Deborah Kolm, ...

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